Multiple-choice test + Written and Verbal Communication exercises

Kind of assessment: An in-depth yet simple and standardized assessment of fundamental skills involving a 60-minute multiple-choice question test + 15-minute written communication test + verbal communication submission (two videos of 1-2 minute duration each).

Competencies covered: Subject Understanding, Teaching Practices, Written and Verbal Communication; based on the CENTA Standards, a globally-benchmarked and nationally-recognized competency framework for teachers.

Syllabus: TQ tests a subset of competencies from the CENTA Standards. For Subject Understanding, common topics from the NCERT syllabus are used, though the testing itself is applicable for all boards (CBSE, ICSE, State Boards, IB, IGCSE, etc.) and focuses mainly on conceptual understanding and application of the topics. For questions related to Teaching Practices, the focus is on understanding and application of common techniques, and several situation-based questions are used to make the test practice-oriented.

Subject Understanding 40 Multiple Choice Questions:
Subject: 20; Teaching Practices: 20;
(Test format: 60 minutes)
Teaching Practices Understanding
Communication Written and Verbal Communication Exercises
(15-minute written essay + Two video submissions of 1-2 minute duration each)
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Choose from 4 subject tracks.

  • Primary (Grade 1 to 5) Mix-of-subjects track (English, Maths and EVS)
  • Middle School (Grade 6 to 8) English
  • Middle School (Grade 6 to 8) Math
  • Middle School (Grade 6 to 8) Science

Test date.

March 17th, 2019 Sunday (Registration closes on March 10th)

TQ can be taken online from anywhere.

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Anyone interested in teaching can apply.

The only eligibility criteria to apply is a minimum age requirement of 18 years and a graduate in any discipline. A teaching degree such as B.Ed. is not a prerequisite. D.Ed. / D.El.Ed. holders will be exempted from the graduation requirement.

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