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TQ: Tackling the teacher recruitment challenge

If you are a teacher:

TQ gives you access to career opportunities with leading schools and helps you know where you stand as a teacher.

If you are aspiring to teach:

TQ helps you highlight your talent to schools, improve placement prospects, standout from the rest.

If you are a school:

TQ gives you a reliable, objective solution to identify talent, while serving as an additional mark of quality for career planning and professional growth of your teachers.

High-quality, online assessment of basic competencies for teaching

  • 90-minute multiple-choice question test comprising 50 questions: Subject Understanding (20), Teaching Practices (20) and Professional Competencies (10).
  • 15-minute Written Communication exercise (essay on a generic topic).
  • 15-minute Verbal Communication exercise (two self-videos on given topics).

Syllabus: TQ assessment is based on the globally benchmarked CENTA Standards, a well-defined set of competencies for teaching. The multiple-choice test is board-agnostic and applicable for all school boards. However, the topics in the Subject Understanding section are broadly aligned to the NCERT curriculum. TQ assessment includes practice-oriented questions on knowledge, conceptual understanding, application of pedagogical techniques, competency and thinking skills.

Fully technology enabled, TQ is conducted online and you can take it from anywhere. All you need is a laptop/desktop with a working webcam and a Smartphone.

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Subject Tracks

Early Childhood Education
Primary School English
Primary School Maths
*Class 1 to 5
English as a Second Language**
**Any candidate teaching English in schools(including schools that have regional languages as medium of instruction) should take the English track. English as Second Language is applicable to candidates who teach Spoken English, Business English and English used for non-academic, general communication.
Middle School English
Middle School Maths
Middle School Science
Middle School Social Studies
*Class 6 to 8
Secondary School Biology
Secondary School Chemistry
Secondary School Physics
Secondary School Maths
Secondary School English
*Class 9 to 10
Senior Secondary School Biology
Senior Secondary School Chemistry
Senior Secondary School Physics
Senior Secondary School Maths
Senior Secondary School English
Senior Secondary School Economics
Senior Secondary School Accountancy
*Class 11 to 12
Elementary School Computer Science (Class 1 to 8)
Secondary School Computer Science (Class 9 to 12)

TQ is held on the second Sunday of every month.

March 08th, 2020
April 12th, 2020
May 10th, 2020

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Anyone interested in teaching can apply.

To apply, you need to be minimum 18 years of age and a graduate in any discipline. A teaching degree such as B.Ed. is not a prerequisite. D.Ed. / D.El.Ed. holders will be exempted from the graduation requirement.

Registration fee

The registration fee for the TQ test is Rs 1900(+GST) per subject track.

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To take the TQ Sample Quiz, please sign in/sign up on MyCENTA.

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CENTA’s Teaching Quotient (TQ) is a high-quality assessment based on the globally benchmarked CENTA Standards that leads to a TQ Score.It is an in-depth yet simple and standardized assessment of fundamental skills—Subject Understanding, Teaching Practices, Professional Competencies, Written and Verbal Communication.

TQ provides teaching professionals with an excellent opportunity to showcase their competencies, improve placement prospects and gain access to career opportunities with renowned schools that recognize talent.

[Refer to the infographic]

For the purpose of taking this test, the following are the system requirements:

  1. Internet speed preferably broadband/leaseline with good connectivity.
  2. The test must be taken from a laptop/desktop. It will NOT open on a mobile phone or tablet device.
  3. A working webcam is needed for the purpose of invigilation.
  4. The network should be free from Firewalls.
  5. Only the latest version of the Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome browsers can be used.
  6. Please ensure that pop-ups (browser and system) are disabled. Toggling between windows/application during the test period will terminate the test.

A 10-minute demo-test will be scheduled before the test in order to avoid any technical difficulties on the day of the exam.

In case the participants encounter any technical difficulties while giving the demo-test, they can contact CENTA for assistance via e-mail or Whatsapp (E-mails are recommended as they receive the fastest responses). CENTA will resolve any issues communicated by the Friday before the test.

Note: No technical support will be provided by CENTA on the day of the test, if the participant did not attempt the demo-test.

For Subject Understanding, the test is board-agnostic and applicable for all boards (CBSE, ICSE, State Boards, IB, IGCSE, etc.). However, the topics tested are broadly (but not exclusively) aligned to the NCERT curriculum and focuses mainly on conceptual understanding and application of the topics.

Questions on Teaching Practices focus on understanding and application of common classroom techniques. Several situation-based questions are used to make the test practice-oriented.

The questions on Professional Competencies will cover classroom communication and management, teamwork and understanding of education policies.

For Written and Verbal Communication, the participants will be given general, non-academic topics to write about and speak on, respectively.

In order to obtain a better understanding of the skills tested, please take a look at the Level 1 of the CENTA Standards

Note: There are no prescribed textbooks for TQ preparation.

Our endeavour is to cover the whole spectrum of subjects taught in the K-12 classes. Your subject may not be currently available due to logistical or technical constraints at our end. However, these subjects may be included in the test tracks in the future. We request you to follow our social media pages for updates on the same.

Participants can reschedule the test after registering by sending an e-mail to certification@centa.org

Please refer below for the rescheduling fees:

  • 3 days (or more) before the test: Rs.250(+GST)
  • 1 day before the test: Rs.500(+GST)

In case you do not request CENTA for an extension, your candidature will be considered DROPPED. If you want to continue with the process after the termination email is sent to you by CENTA, you will need to register as a new candidate.

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