A score combining most important competencies for teacher recruitment

CENTA’s Teaching Quotient (TQ) is a high-quality assessment based on the globally-benchmarked CENTA Standards that leads to a TQ Score which fresh graduates interested in teaching can carry on their resumes and which schools can use as a benchmark in recruiting.

TQ: Tackling the teacher recruitment challenge

If you are a graduate (in any discipline) aspiring to teach or B.Ed./D.Ed. student:

TQ helps you highlight your talent to schools, improve placement prospects, standout from the rest.

If you are a teacher (full-time/part-time, in-school/supplementary):

TQ gives you access to career opportunities with renowned schools that recognize talent, and enables you to showcase your competencies.

If you are a school/institution:

TQ brings you a reliable, objective solution to help identify talented teachers for recruitment, while serving as an additional mark of quality for career planning and professional growth of teachers.

TQ is currently available in: Bengaluru, Chennai, Delhi, Madurai and Mumbai.

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