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Schools and B.Ed. Colleges

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Early Childhood Education/ Foundational Literacy and Numeracy (Grade KG-2) Middle School English
Middle School Maths
PRIMARY (Grade upto 5) Middle School Science
Primary School English Middle School Social Science
Primary School Maths
SECONDARY (Grade 9-10) SR. SECONDARY (Grade 11-12)
Secondary School English Sr. Secondary School English
Secondary School Maths Sr. Secondary School Maths
Secondary School Physics Sr. Secondary School Physics
Secondary School Chemistry Sr. Secondary School Chemistry
Secondary School Biology Sr. Secondary School Biology
Sr. Secondary School Accounts
SCHOOL LEADERS TRACK (No CENTA® TPO Prelims is required, this track is directly for CENTA® TPO Finals) Sr. Secondary School Economics
Primary Language, Maths and EVS
Middle School Mathematics
Middle School Science
Computer Science (grade agnostic)

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