CENTA® TPO Prelims 2022

  • Open till 28th Dec 2022 – slots available every month.
  • Online test (50 MCQs + 2 video questions – 2 hours).
  • You just need a computer (with working camera & mic) OR mobile (with front camera & mic) with a stable internet connection (minimum download speed of 500 kbps, for smartphone – minimum 3G connection with sufficient data availability).


  • India: INR 990+GST per Test Track.
  • International: USD 15 per Test Track.
  • NO additional fee for the finals.
  • Institutional discounts are available.

Test Tracks

22 test tracks (by subject and grade) across English and Hindi

Click here to view the Test Tracks
Early Childhood Education/ Foundational Literacy and Numeracy (Grade KG-2) Middle School English
Middle School Maths
PRIMARY (Grade upto 5) Middle School Science
Primary School English Middle School Social Science
Primary School Maths
SECONDARY (Grade 9-10) SR. SECONDARY (Grade 11-12)
Secondary School English Sr. Secondary School English
Secondary School Maths Sr. Secondary School Maths
Secondary School Physics Sr. Secondary School Physics
Secondary School Chemistry Sr. Secondary School Chemistry
Secondary School Biology Sr. Secondary School Biology
Sr. Secondary School Accounts
SCHOOL LEADERS TRACK (No CENTA® TPO Prelims is required, this track is directly for CENTA® TPO Finals) Sr. Secondary School Economics
Primary Language, Maths and EVS
Middle School Mathematics
Middle School Science
Computer Science (grade agnostic)


Anyone who is 18 years of age and is a graduate. The competition is especially for teachers but anyone who is interested in education is welcome.

See how CENTA® TPO rewards, recognizes and celebrates teachers!

CENTA® TPO Finals 2022

  • On February 26, 2023
  • Online test (2 subjective and 2 video exercises).
  • You just need a computer (with a working camera & mic) OR mobile (with a front camera & mic) with the internet.
  • The top 5000 scorers from prelims will be shortlisted for finals (which will be held in early 2023).
  • Click here to visit CENTA® TPO Wall of Fame.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Do I need to travel all the way to the centre for my CENTA® TPO exam? CENTA® TPO prelims, as well as finals, can be taken online from the comfort of your home by choosing the slots provided by CENTA®. There will be remote and live proctoring to ensure fair conduct of the test.
  • I don't know when I will be free, can I take it at odd hours? We have multiple test slots available every month at different times. You can choose the test time that suits you the best from the slots provided by CENTA®. 
  • I have taken CENTA® TPO before, can I take it again? CENTA® TPO is an annual competition and you are welcome to participate in it in 2022 even if you have participated earlier. 
  • I do not teach in a formal setting but I am very passionate about teaching, am I eligible to take the exam? Yes. The only eligibility criteria for the CENTA® TPO are that participants must be 18 years of age and a graduate. The competition is for teaching professionals but anyone who is interested in education is welcome. 
  • Can I take the exam in the subject I am not currently teaching? Yes, you can choose a subject from the given list of subject tracks, even if you are not teaching it currently. We have more than 20 test tracks across English and Hindi.
  • Can I take the exam in Hindi and other regional languages? CENTA® TPO is currently being offered in English and Hindi. We may add more languages later. 
  • How will this Olympiad help me with my professional growth? CENTA® TPO is an international platform that gives you the opportunity to evaluate your competencies and compete with teachers across the globe. Through the CENTA® TPO, you can test yourself, identify your strengths and weaknesses and explore methods to bridge the gap. CENTA® TPO has widespread recognition in the education landscape. It will be an added credential for you as thousands of private schools and Ed-tech organisations use CENTA® scores in teacher promotion, professional development and recruitment. 
  • Can I take TPO Prelims in 2 or more Subject tracks? Yes, you can take as many subject tracks as you wish for Prelims. Please note that each subject track you choose for the prelims will have to be paid separately. 
  • If I take multiple subject tracks in the prelims, can I also take multiple subjects tracks for the finals? You can only choose one subject track among the subjects you qualify for the finals. 
  • Can I take CENTA® TPO Prelims after December? No. The last date to take the TPO Prelims for TPO 2022 is the 31st of December, 2022. If you participate after December, you will be participating in TPO 2023. 
  • Who all support and recognize CENTA® TPO? CENTA® has been widely recognized nationally and internationally by various eminent bodies including NITI Aayog, United Nations and others; reputed global and Indian organizations partner with CENTA®; Thousands of private schools and Ed-tech organisations use CENTA® score in teacher promotion, professional development and recruiting. 
  • Will my scorecard be made public? No. The scorecards will be completely confidential and will be shared only with you. It is for the candidate to decide who they want to share their scorecards with. 

Results of CENTA TPO 2021 announced! Watch the full ceremony here!

Results announced!

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