Thank you Teacher!

S. Sundararajan, Retired Scientist, ISRO, Trivandrum, India

To: Mr. Durairaj, former teacher, DKBH School, Natham, Tamil Nadu, India

I remember my maths teacher who taught me way back in 1963 in SSLC. It is a village called Natham. The school was DKBH School. I understood his value only when I entered PUC (standard 11 equivalent) in a college in a big city like Madras. Because of poor English knowledge, I could not cope up well with most subjects (I studied in Tamil medium including maths). However I could pick up maths seamlessly because of the interest created in maths by my school teacher Mr. Durairaj. He used symbols extensively instead of descriptive language and made us familiar with symbols. This way my poor English did not come in the way of performing well in maths. Apart from this, I have never seen him scolding students, though getting beaten by teachers was quite common in those days. There was no Teacher's pet. Every student was equal for him and his focus was to bring out the best in every one. Whenever I solve a tough problem involving complex maths (right up to my work in rocket science), I thank him for the foundation he laid. Thank you sir.

kaja mohideen, thanking to teacher

To: shamsudeen, English

i could recollect my English teacher who was teaching me english in oslc in pudukkottai specially for english subject . he took lot of efforts to make me to understand the english languge and chemistry too. i could recollect to appreciate his tireless effort me to coplete the oslc

Shobana J, Teacher,SSM School,chennai

To: Ms RADHA, Mathematics Teacher

I am a Mathematics teacher at present because of my maths teacher.

RAKESH DEWASKAR, Director, Panini Jnanpeeth English Medium Higher Secondary School

To: Prof. [Retd] A. M. Harne, Professorof English

It is said that a teacher is a messenger of God.In him we find the glimpse of that Divinity of which we all are a part.How can I forget the role that my revered teacher played in my life? A poor student having nothing to gain in life was turned from brick to marble . It was my teacher who not only gave me the knowledge but also imparted in me the ability to judge and deal with life. Today after 25 years of my career as a teacher and coordinator , I feel myself as a satisfied soul . I could achieve nothing had there been no guide like him. I adore you my Sir! Sashtang Dandavat !

SURESH KUMAR N, I got MSc BEd with the blessings of my teachers

To: Mr. MARIGOWDA,Mr. Puttarange Gowda and Mr. Nageshwara Rao, BSc.MA.BEd

I like Maths very much because of the interest created in maths by my school teacher Mr. Marigowda sir and Puttarange Gowda sir. And created awareness of learning, discipline in my school days by Head master Mr. Nageshwara Rao. I never forgot them those encourage me upto this stage. Since I working as Teacher in Government High school, Yaaraganahalli. Mysore Taluk. Mysore District- Karnataka I personally thank them for the foundation laid.

POOJA BAJAJ, Completed B.Ed

To: Mr. Niyaz , Professor at JIMS Greater Noida

He is one of the most spectacular and knowledgeable teacher I have met throughout my whole career journey. I was a normal personality when I entered B.Ed but he just transformed my personality into someone I was initially not able to understand. But oh! my god what a change in me. I just love my transformed personality. He is the one responsible for making me responsible and determined. He is the one who gave birth to a teacher inside me. He is my GOD. I respect him a lot from the bottom of my heart. Thank you sir for bringing out a teacher in me. Mr. Niyaz is the best teacher

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