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Terms and Conditions For Candidates of TPO 2019

  1. The decisions of Centre for Teacher Accreditation (CENTA) Pvt. Ltd. (referred to hereafter as “CENTA”) and any appointed panel of judges/advisors will be final and binding, with respect to TPO 2019. The candidate accepts and certifies that he/she will not dispute any decision by CENTA with respect to the question paper or with respect to the winners of TPO 2019 or with respect to awarding of prizes. Further, the format and syllabus provided are indicative and CENTA reserves the right to make refinements in the same as needed.

  2. TPO is not open to employees, consultants, advisors, expert council members, content developers, reviewers and test administrators, of or associated with CENTA.

  3. There is no provision for on-the-spot registration in TPO 2019. Candidates have to follow the instructions provided on the website and register within the registration closing date and time, which will be intimated on the website.

  4. Details provided during registration (e.g. full name, school name) will be used exactly as-is on TPO Certificates in case the candidate is a winner. CENTA may not accept requests for corrections in spellings or other changes later.

  5. All costs with respect to participating in the competition – including but not limited to travelling to the venue, travelling to the city and lodging in case of outstation participants, food, stationery, printing of hall ticket, etc. – will have to be borne by candidates, and CENTA will not bear any such costs, or provide any monetary compensation to candidates.

  6. While the candidate will get the city that he/she chooses at the time of registration (out of the 48 cities where TPO 2019 is being held), allocation of location within the city and time slot are entirely at CENTA’s discretion; candidate preferences are being taken only as an input. The candidate accepts that he/she will not raise any dispute with respect to centre allocation and time slot allocation.

  7. Communication with candidates will be only through email and/or SMS. Candidates are advised to ensure regularly that both the email address and the mobile number they have provided are functioning and in use. Candidates are also advised to check any spam folders. CENTA shall not be held responsible for non-delivery of email or SMS to a particular candidate with any information or update, due to any technical problems.

  8. Candidates need to download and print their hall tickets from the website. Hall tickets will not be sent physically. Candidates will be allowed into test centres only with a valid hall ticket and a valid identity card. Candidates need to report within the reporting time communicated and follow the other instructions given on the hall ticket.

  9. Every attempt will be made to ensure that the test centres are comfortable and that the test computers are functioning well. However, these being third party centres, in the rare event that there is some discomfort in the centre or some malfunction in the computer, CENTA will not hold any responsibility for the same. The candidate accepts that he/she will indemnify and hold CENTA harmless and will not raise any dispute in this regard.

  10. CENTA shall not be held responsible for any accident at test venues, including, but not restricted to acts of God, terrorism, and other forms of violence, fire or other unforeseen incidents. The candidate accepts that he/she will hold CENTA harmless and will not raise any dispute in this regard.

  11. The registration fee for TPO is non-refundable. Even in the event that a particular candidate is unable to participate in the competition for any reason, the registration fee will not be refunded.

  12. CENTA can cancel, defer or postpone TPO for any reason. The candidate accepts that he/she will not raise any dispute in this regard. In case of full cancellation of TPO (not change), the registration fee will be refunded.

  13. CENTA may add to, modify, or delete from the list of prizes initially announced for winners, at any stage before or after TPO. The candidate accepts that he/she will not raise any dispute in this regard.

  14. Each winner is solely responsible for any and all taxes associated with the prizes, as well as any additional costs that may be incurred in availing of the prizes. Cash awards will be given after deducting applicable TDS. For the international conference, while airfare, accommodation in Dubai and basic visa expense reimbursement will be taken care of by CENTA/sponsors, the candidate needs to take care of all other expenses including local transportation, food and others; the candidate is also responsible for ensuring that he or she has a valid passport and for obtaining his/her own visa; in case the passport or visa is not available on time, CENTA holds no responsibility for ensuring the candidate’s participation in the conference or providing any replacement for the same.

  15. The candidate accepts that his/her contact details may be used by CENTA for limited outreach/marketing purposes, including sharing information about future initiatives, sharing educational material, etc.

  16. CENTA reserves the right to disqualify a candidate at any point before or after TPO, due to non-compliance with eligibility requirements, provision of wrong information, non-compliance with other rules of the contest, inappropriate behaviour at the test venue, or any other reason. There will be no refund of registration fee in case of disqualification.

  17. CENTA reserves the right to require winners to execute an affidavit of eligibility as a sworn document and provide other proof of eligibility as a condition of receipt of the prize or award. CENTA also reserves the right to require other participants to execute an affidavit of eligibility as a sworn document and provide other proof of eligibility as a condition of further participation in CENTA Certificates.

  18. For specific prizes – international conference sponsorship, Top 10 cash awards, profiling in The Hindu group of publications and contributing to a book – we have placed a restriction for those who won these in the previous two editions of TPO. The winners of these prizes, in case they eligible for the same prize this year via their participation in the same subject track will not be eligible for the prize. However, there is no restriction with respect to scoring and ranking – they will compete normally with all the participants of the current year and can get any rank as per their score.