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TPO in India

Date: December 14th, 2019 (Saturday).

Time Slots

The test is conducted in three time slots.

9 AM to 11 AM
12 Noon to 2 PM
3 PM to 5 PM

* We allocate your preferred timeslot on best effort basis. Register early to get the venue and time slot of your preference. However, some of the Subject Tracks may not be available in all the time slots (details in the registration form).

Registration Fee: Rs 649 (inclusive of GST) per Subject Track (You can register for up to three tracks). Get a discount of 10% using the referral code EARLYBIRD (valid till 31st August, 2019).

Locations: 75+ Cities in India

Bengaluru(North, South, East, Central and Central Business District)
Chennai(Central, North, OMR Stretch, South and West)
Delhi(Central, South, North, West)
Hyderabad(Old City, New City, Secunderabad)
Kolkata(Central, North and South)
Mumbai(Central, South, Thane and Western Suburbs)
Navi Mumbai
Ooty-Kunnoor Patna
Port Blair

TPO in India

All you need to know about TPO 2019 format, syllabus and the kind of questions you can expect - CENTA Founder & CEO, Ramya Venkataraman explains in this 5-minute watch!

  • Two-hour, multiple choice test, only one correct answer, no negative marking.
  • Competencies tested are based on the CENTA Standards. Only a sub-set of competencies are tested as explained in the Syllabus document.
  • Computer-based but with a very simple interface – knowledge of computers is not required.
  • Four sections, totally 64 questions, 100 marks, no section-wise time limit, questions can be attempted in any order
SectionCompetencies coveredMarks
1Subject Expertise: 15 questions25
2Content Development & Planning: 17 questions (subject-specific and generic)25
3Student Assessment & Remediation: 12 questions (subject-specific and generic)20
4Professional Competencies & Classroom Communication: 20 questions30

  • 23 subject tracks options in TPO 2019
  • A candidate can participate in more than one subject track (maximum of 3).

* Please note that participants are free to choose any subject/s for participating in TPO. Chosen subjects need not be the same as subjects they currently teach / practice.

Primary track (Language, Maths & EVS together)*
*Available in five mediums (all questions will be in the medium chosen):
1. English
2. Hindi
3. Kannada
4. Marathi
5. Tamil
6. Telugu

*Class 1 to 5
Middle School English
Middle School Maths**
Middle School Science**
Middle School Social Studies
*Class 6 to 8
**Available in English and Hindi medium
Secondary School English
Secondary School Maths
Secondary School Physics
Secondary School Chemistry
Secondary School Biology
*Class 9 to 10
Senior Secondary School English
Senior Secondary School Maths
Senior Secondary School Physics
Senior Secondary School Chemistry
Senior Secondary School Biology
Senior Secondary School Economics
*Class 11 to 12

The Middle (except where indicated above), Secondary and Senior Secondary School subjects are currently available only in English medium.


TPO tests a subset of competencies from the CENTA Standards.

  • The test is board-agnostic and applicable for all boards (CBSE, ICSE, State Boards, IB, IGCSE, etc.). However, the topics tested in the Subject Expertise section are broadly (but not exclusively) aligned to the NCERT curriculum. This section will include questions on knowledge, conceptual understanding, application, competency and thinking skills in your chosen subject(s).
  • For all other sections, the questions focus on conceptual understanding of your respective subjects and application of pedagogical techniques. Questions framed are such that they are practice-oriented. Teachers should already be familiar with most of the topics and techniques on account of their training process, interaction with their respective subject and the experience of teaching these subjects.

Please see the detailed syllabus for TPO 2019    Here.

Note: There are NO prescribed textbooks for TPO preparation.

Once you register for TPO 2019, you will be able to access sample questions and quizzes through your MyCENTA account. You can also follow us on Facebook to get updates on sample questions.

Take the TPO Sample Quiz

TPO 2019 will have four sections covering subject expertise, content development, student assessment and classroom management & professional competencies.

To take the TPO Sample Quiz, please sign in/sign up on MyCENTA.

New sample questions will be updated on MyCENTA every month including questions from the common sections (applicable to all tracks) as well subject-specific questions (for different subject tracks each month).

All you need to know about TPO format, syllabus and the kind of questions you can expect - CENTA Founder & CEO, Ramya Venkataraman explains in this 5-minute watch!

TPO in India

TPO 2018 Ranks declared
  • National Ranks 1 to 552
  • Subject Ranks 1 to 50 per subject track
  • State/UT Ranks 1 to 50 per region* **
  • Test City Ranks 1 to 10 per city*
All ranks were common across India and UAE, and were subject to meeting a certain cut-off score.

*Winner’s test centre location (and NOT place of residence) was considered for Regional and Test City ranks.
**If participation from a particular State/UT was below a minimum number, it was combined with neighbouring States/UTs for ranking.
For two specific prizes – International Conference Sponsorship, Dubai and National Profiling in The Hindu – we have placed a restriction for those who have won these in the past TPO editions. This is to make sure that a larger number of teachers get access to these unique opportunities.

TPO 2019 Prizes

Each Reliance Foundation Teacher Award will include a cash prize (see below) and citation.

National and Subject Toppers

  • National Ranks 1 to 5 Rs 1 lakh each
  • All Subject Toppers Rs 25,000 each
  • National Ranks 6 to 10 Rs 25,000 each
  • National Ranks 11 to 100 Rs 5,000 each
  • National Ranks up to 500, Subject Ranks up to 50 or State Ranks up to 10 Rs 2000 each

Regional and Test City Toppers

  • All Regional Toppers (the Topper of every State or Union Territory – subject to a minimum participation number) Rs 10,000 each
  • All Test City Toppers (the Topper of each 48 test cities) Rs 5,000 each

Special cash prizes for students pursuing a Degree or Diploma in Education

  • Rank 1 Rs 1 lakh
  • Ranks 2 and 3 Rs 25,000 each
  • Ranks 4 to 30 Rs 10,000 each
*In case you are eligible for two cash awards, on account of your participation in the same subject track, you will receive only the higher one and not both.
**Reliance Foundation Teacher Awards are applicable only to winners participating in India.

  • 30 winners of CENTA TPO 2019 will be part of a television show along with an eminent National Panel, to celebrate the pride of the teaching profession.

  • Profiles of Regional Toppers to be published in The Hindu group of publications
  • 50 National Rank-holders to receive a one-year free subscription to The Hindu newspaper

2 English track Subject Toppers to attend Oxford English Language Teachers' Academy Masterclass at Oxford University*, sponsored by Oxford University Press:

  • Rank 1 of Middle School English track
  • Rank 1 of either Secondary or Senior Secondary English track (higher overall scorer of the two)

14 other English track winners to be sponsored for:

  • Oxford Teachers' Academy Online training program in partnership with Oxford University: Ranks 2 & 3 of Middle School English track, Rank 2 of Secondary English track and Rank 2 of Senior Secondary English track.
  • Online Teacher Training Program: Ranks 4 to 7 of Middle School English track, Ranks 3 to 5 of Secondary English track and Ranks 3 to 5 of Senior Secondary English track.

*subject to additional criteria as prescribed by the University.

36 winners to co-author a book on teaching perspectives, facilitated by Central Square Foundation, along with winners of TPO 2017:

  • TOP 10 National Rank-holders
  • 21 Subject Track Toppers
  • 5 additional winners serving in tough socio-economic setting

  • Every participant received a Confidential Performance Report with insights on scores and how he/she fared against other teachers at a national level, along with inputs to assist in professional development.
  • TPO Certificates for all Rank-Holders
  • All Schools, Organizations, B.Ed. colleges and other TEIs with any rank-holder received TPO Certificates
  • Profiles of B.Ed. colleges / other TEIs with winners to be shared with schools in the region
  • TPO TOP 100 Rank-Holders received a 75% scholarship to pursue the CENTA Certification and Micro-Credentials, India’s certification of excellence for school teachers.
  • TPO TOP 101-500 Rank-Holders received a 40% scholarship to pursue the CENTA Certification and Micro-Credentials, India’s certification of excellence for school teachers.
  • All TPO participants enjoy regular access to a range of opportunities in recognition, career and professional development exclusively for the CENTA Community of teachers.