Congratulations to all the winners and also to each and every participant for being part of this national level initiative!
Participants, your personalised confidential report will be available for download shortly. You will be informed through email and sms.

Here are the winners and rank holders of TPO 2017:

Subject Toppers & other Subject Rank Holders

Top 500 National Rank Holders

Regional Toppers & other Regional Rank Holders

City Rank Holders

Rank Holders From Teacher Education Institutions (Trainee Teachers)

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A unique competition to reward, recognize and celebrate teachers, the third edition of CENTA Teaching Professionals’ Olympiad (TPO) 2017 was held on December 9, 2017 across 29 cities in India and at CENTA’s first international centre in Dubai. TPO is an objective multiple-choice test based on the CENTA Standards and brings highly relevant and coveted rewards, national recognition and professional development opportunities for teachers.

Excitement and enthusiasm levels ran high this TPO as teachers from over 800 cities, towns and villages in 27 States and Unions Territories took the test at their respective centres in three time slots. Some of them had travelled for as long as 20 hours to the test centres! For many, it was their first computer-based test. There were several participants who were taking the TPO for the second and even the third time! This year, TPO was offered in 14 subject tracks and three Challenger tracks (testing in-depth subject expertise and pedagogy in the context of that subject), while the Primary subject track combining Language, Maths and EVS was available in English, Tamil, Hindi and Telugu mediums.

Participants included teaching professionals with varied interests, diverse backgrounds and different levels of experiences – teachers, school principals, academic coordinators, B. Ed. students and even professional fellows in Education.

TPO 2017 partners

The Hindu remained the title sponsor of the Olympiad (third time in a row!) and was supported by Varkey Foundation, Oxford University Press, Central Square Foundation and Dell, with additional support from EdelGive Foundation and IL&FS Education.

TPO 2017 prizes

Winners of TPO 2017 will experience an exciting range of rewards and recognition: 17 winners will attend the Global Education and Skills Forum in Dubai, while 20 winners will be profiled in The Hindu group of publications. Winners can also look forward to over 100 cash awards, including four of INR 1 lakh each and special cash prizes for B. Ed. students, and one year’s subscription of The Hindu. Winners will get a unique opportunity of co-authoring a book to be published by Central Square Foundation. Five schools and five B. Ed. colleges or other teacher education institutes with the highest number of winners will win a desktop PC each from Dell. 100 winners will receive ‘social impact awards’ from Michael & Susan Dell Foundation and 800 winners will get ‘TPO Certificates’ from CENTA. In 2016, we also saw several schools and organizations felicitating their winning teachers and we hope the same continues!!

By March 2018, each and every participant will be able to download a ‘participation record cum personal confidential report’ (details will be sent on email). The report will have details and analysis of the participant’s performance and how it compares to other test takers.

For more information about TPO 2017, please visit www.tpo-india.org.

TPO 2016 winners

Listed below are the winners and rank holders of TPO 2016. Congratulations to all the winners and also to each and every participant for being part of this national level initiative.

Top 100 National Rank Holders

Top 500 National Rank Holders (101 to 500 ranks)

Subject Rank Holders

Regional Rank Holders

Please note that we have declared Subject Ranks and Regional Ranks for a maximum of 50 people from each subject or region, who meet a certain cut-off score.

To know more about TPO please visit: www.tpo-india.org .

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