Teachers’ attitude towards Education Technology (Results from the survey conducted in September, 2019)

In September, 2019, a set of 800 teachers from the MyCENTA community took part in a survey which sought to explore their attitude towards education technology, the issues they face while adopting new technologies, the different kinds of applications and platforms used by them and so forth.

Demographics of the respondents

It is interesting to note that there was no significant difference in responses across the different categories.

Orientation towards technology

It is interesting to note that, 97.7% of the respondents said they own a smartphone

Which apps do teachers typically use?

Which tech resources do teachers use to prepare for their class?

Which tech resources do teachers use to supplement their class (in class)?

For what non-teaching aspects can technology be most useful for teachers?

Can technology can improve learning outcomes in the classroom?

In a related question, 74% of respondents said that technology can help deliver concepts better and 69% felt it can help communicate with students in an engaging manner. Personalizing for individual students was quoted by only 53% of respondents while 39% saw the value of technology in teaching students about cyber safety, cyber ethics etc. in an increasingly digital world.

The biggest issue in adopting new technology in the classroom…

While 38% is related to time, the other two significant issues are the products themselves (31% across three types of issues) and school environment (19% across management support, facilities and incentives).

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