CENTA® brings to you an affiliated partner program “Dialogue on Learning- The Joy of Doing Math”


“To find if a number is divisible by 3, just add its digits and check if this sum is divisible by 3”. 

Most often, students learn mathematics by simply being told the different methods and properties. On the contrary, for a mathematician, this process is an adventure. There is a lot of wonders, lots of playing around with mathematical objects, the thrill of experiencing twists and turns during the process, and finally, in some cases, the joy of discovery. 

Question 1: Will it be good if our students too are given an opportunity to go through what a mathematician goes through? 

Question 2: If yes, how can we provide this in the classrooms, given the different constraints?

Having a discussion on these two questions, and motivating the participants to become independent mathematical explorers is the main goal of our program.

Program Design
  • Five Program Sessions (Online) on consecutive Saturdays starting from June 19: June 19, June 26, July 3, July 10 and July 17
  • Session Timing: 4pm to 5:30 pm
  • Continuous Offline Engagement 
  • Ideal weekly time commitment from Teachers: 90 minutes online session + ~1 hour per week of offline engagements 
Course Highlights

The pedagogical discussion will take place in the backdrop of some beautiful mathematical explorations arising right from school mathematics itself. Some recreational math topics will also be taken up for exploration. Wherever appropriate, historical developments of the topic will also be discussed. We hope that this will motivate the participants to undertake a further study of the fascinating history of the subject.

The exploratory topics that will be taken during the workshop are (not necessarily in the following order)

  • Make your own formulae: An encounter with Algebra
  • On one of the oldest mathematical procedures: The Euclidean Algorithm
  • Why we don’t have SSA congruency, and more on triangles
  • Problems from recreational mathematics
  • <Topic of popular demand>*

* Participants can suggest special mathematical topics that they are interested in exploring which may be considered for this session.


The course is aimed at school teachers, educators, home-schooling parents interested in math education & pedagogy. The course is open for school teachers across all classes and boards.

  • Laptop/ Desktop/ Smartphone with a working web camera and microphone.
  • Stable internet connection (minimum download speed of 500 kbps, for smartphone - minimum 3G connection with sufficient data availability)
  • INR 2370