Special Online Teacher Training from Oxford University Press.

OUP – CENTA have come up with a special limited period offer for those teachers who would like to purchase two or more modules of the online teacher training program.

This package will have two modules (based on user selection) along with an exclusive workshop (for 2 days) as a one time offer for those who enrol for this training on or before 8th March 2021.

The workshop will help you develop the 4 Cs, Digital and Media Literacy, Global Citizenship, Interpersonal, Self-reflection, Problem Solving and Leadership Skills. The session will offer hands-on practise in using some classroom strategies and expect participants to contribute by being critical, creative and reflective in their interactions.

Workshop dates: March 9th and 12th 2021 (5 PM to 6.30 PM)

Fee: INR 750 + GST (includes 2 modules + a 2-day workshop)

You can select any two modules from the 21 modules of your own choice. MyCENTA community members can buy these 21 modules individually at very affordable prices or as discounted packages directly on MyCENTA.