CENTA is always striving to bring you great opportunities in recognition, career growth and professional development, so you have a more rewarding career in teaching.

for excellence
in teaching
Through CENTA
Certification and
Micro-Credentials which
signal hallmark
of quality
in a reputed
Waiver of
select recruitment
by leading schools in
India and UAE;
financial rewards
Specific inputs
and professional
development linkages
- online content,
courses, training

Opportunities for CENTA certified teachers and TPO participants

CENTA Certification and Micro-Credentials signals your professional excellence and opens doors to great opportunities in recognition and career growth. Similarly, your participation in Teaching Professionals' Olympiad (TPO) brings you recognition and opportunities to further your professional development and growth.

GEMS Education, UAE:  International education organization, GEMS Education which has over 70 schools across 13 countries, is hiring teachers (B.Ed and non-B.Ed candidates) with CENTA Micro-Credentials for its schools in UAE, waiving select recruitment requirements and supporting teaching license acquisition. http://www.gemseducation.com/

Podar Education Network, India:  The Podar International School group is giving weightage to CENTA Certification in teacher recruitment for its schools in Bangalore, Mumbai and Pune. CENTA Certified teachers may also enjoy encouragement in the form of promotions and professional development opportunities. http://www.podareducation.org/

Another leading school group is hiring teachers with CENTA Certification for teaching position in Bangalore, Hyderabad and Pune.

KC High, India (Chennai):   IGCSE Board Cambridge International School KC High in Chennai ‘favours’ candidates with CENTA Certification in recruitment of new teachers. See the recruitment requirement here: https://www.kchigh.com/careers-teacher- jobs-kc- high-igcse- board-cambridge- international-school/

Abhiyan Bharat Foundation, India (Jaipur):   Aimed at making quality holistic education accessible for children from low-income communities, the Abhiyan Bharat movement supports three Affordable Private Schools (APS) in Jaipur. The Foundation is looking to hire highly motivated and skilled teachers for their newest school (by March 2018). The compensation for teachers will be matched to market standards. Candidates who are CENTA Certified and/or are participants of Teaching Professionals’ Olympiad (TPO) will qualify for differential salaries. To apply, please send in your resume with your contact details to team@centa.org . www.abhiyanbharat.com

Modern English School, India (Guwahati):   Leading private school in Guwahati, Assam, Modern English School is looking to hire CENTA Certified teachers and/or Teaching Professionals’ Olympiad (TPO) participants and winners. To apply, please send in your resume with your contact details to team@centa.org. www.mhs.ac.in


You enjoy a range of professional development opportunities as a CENTA certified teacher and as part of the TPO.

Access to Dell Aarambh technology training:  CENTA partner, Dell Technologies’ Aarambh initiative facilitates training and Certification in PC usage for better learning (in association with NIIT). Schools with at least 10 participating teachers in CENTA TPO 2017 have access to Dell Aarambh training and the opportunities that a PC can create. Dell Aarambh has engaged close to 1.5 million students and aims to train and certify 100,000 teachers from over 5,000 schools across 70 cities.

Free access to learning app, Geneo:  A personalized learning platform developed by IL&FS Education in an app-cloud model, Geneo curates digital content from multiple sources and maps it with your textbooks to offer a personalized learning path for your students with remote mentor support. All participants of CENTA TPO 2017 enjoy a three-month free access to Geneo (ending March 31, 2018).

Co-authoring UP SCERT book!  Uttar Pradesh State Council Educational Research and Training (SCERT) will invite winning teachers of TPO 2017 from Uttar Pradesh to co-author a book to be published by it.


CENTA constantly strives to bring you great opportunities in recognition and growth so you have a more rewarding career in teaching.

The Hindu ‘STEP’ scholarship:   STEP (Standardised Test for English Proficiency) for Teaching Professionals, from The Hindu Group, is a unique, comprehensive 6-week personalised online English language training for teachers and instructors of all disciplines and levels. As part of the CENTA Community, you enjoy a special discount of Rs 500 on the registration fee of INR 2999. To apply, click on the link: https://steptest.in/teachingprofessionals.html

Indian Art and Design Educators Conference 2018:  In an exclusive offer for teachers who are part of the CENTA community, you enjoy a 10% discount to attend the 2018 Indian Art and Design Educators Association Creativity in Schools conference. Please use code 'IADEA-CENTA' while registering to avail the discount. The conference brings you a chance to interact with leading experts in visual arts and educators from India and abroad who will also share free resources and worksheets to take back to your classroom. The conference will be held on February 15-16, 2018 in Mumbai. For more details and to register, please visit http://www.arteducatorsindia.org/registration/.