Online Teaching & Learning – What do Teachers, Principals and Tutors feel after 4 months of lockdown (A Pulse Survey)

Hundreds of teachers, principals and tutors across the country participated in a survey conducted by Centre for Teacher Accreditation (CENTA), to share their views on efficacy of online teaching/ learning and their comfort with the technology after 4 months of lockdown. This report, in addition to analyzing their current feelings/ opinions also tries to draw a comparison with their thoughts at the beginning of the lockdown. (Survey 1 findings)

Part 1 of this report focuses on the growth of online teaching over the last 4 months and also what stakeholders feel about it.

Part 2 explores how teachers rate themselves on different aspects of online teaching and if there has been a change in these ratings during the last 4 months of online teaching-learning.

Part 3 throws light on the various tools, platforms and modes used by teachers to teach online.

Part 1 (The Growth of Online Teaching and Teachers’ Opinions on it)

Almost all the teachers who responded to the survey are teaching online now, while only ~20% teaching online before Covid.

Around 97% responding teachers and principals teaching online now, vs. only ~ 20 in pre-Covid times. Majority of tutors are also teaching online now– however, unlike teachers, ~45% of them were teaching online even before Covid.

There has been significant positive change in everyone’s outlook towards online teaching (while there is better understanding of its constraints as well).

Part 2 (Self Rating on Different Aspects of Online Teaching)

Even after 4 months of online teaching, self-assessment based average rating across the three groups is around 3 (out of 5), leaving significant scope of improvement.

While the knowledge about different online tools and platforms has increased over the last four months, teachers are still struggling with effectively engaging students and checking their levels of understanding.

First timers lag behind experienced teachers in different aspects of online teaching – this can be improved with training. However, it is crucial to note that only ~20% of teachers who have taught online before are comfortable with different aspects of online teaching. The green line needs to be pushed up.

Part 3 (Modes and Tools used for Online Teaching)

Mobile Phone is the most popular device to deliver lessons among both Teachers and Tutors. Laptop is a close second.

As was the case at beginning of lockdown, live classes with audio and Video continue to be the most popular mode.

Online Assessments are the second most popular choice among both groups.

•Teachers also seem to have moved towards online assessments, self study materials and recorded sessions with the number of teachers using these modes increasing considerably over the last 4 months.

Despite being a video- conferencing tool & not a tool meant for online teaching, ‘Zoom’ continues to be the most preferred tool.

Majority of teachers & tutors are using ‘Zoom’ -a video conferencing platform – a similar trend could have been witnessed across the globe – something which has prompted Zoom to introduce new features specifically designed to enhance the online teaching experience. Also, as teachers are doing more assignments as compared tool meant for online teaching, to any other mode except Live-Video, they are leveraging Google Classroom more as compared to tutors who are using more of Skype for live classes and YouTube for recorded lessons.

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