Here is what teachers who attended the course had to say

This course was more of an experiential learning for me and the inputs of best practices followed by my batch mates made this course an elevating experience. The faculty were always supportive and stirred us to enrich our knowledge by giving us various tips and tricks. As a learner, I got an insight into a suite of collaborative tools that encourages active learning and enjoyed being a part of the collaborative and engaging classes. 

Ms. Neesha TE, MSB Educational Institute, Bengaluru

I am extremely thankful to CENTA & the dynamic mentors- Purvi and Sapna to have taken us on a journey of the digital world. They idolized an active, interesting classroom in each of their sessions and proved that online teaching can be hassle-free and exciting.

Ms. Jonali Patel

I enrolled into the Course-cum-Certification in Online Teaching for getting into the ease of the new normal. The course has really enriched my experience of online teaching. It has also helped us to make more accountable lesson plans and execute the same using various tools available on the online platform. Our students are finding the lessons now very interesting and stimulating.

Ms. Amrita V. Kulkarni

My experience with the CENTA Course for Online Teaching was very enriching with very cooperative and open minded Facilitators.Like a student I could easily put forth my issues with online teaching and which were answered very gracefully by my Educators.

Ms. Bindiya Rai

My overall experience was awesome as it was full of learning and challenges. It was clearly explained in the session that true learning happens in the challenge zone. This pandemic brought a lot of challenges with insecurities. This course is truly a saviour.

Ms. Baldeep Kaur