• Olympiad for teachers on December | The Hindu | September 21, 2018
    The fourth edition of the CENTA Teaching Professionals Olympiad (TPO) 2018, a national competition to recognise and reward teachers, will be held on December 8 in 45 cities across the country. Read more in The Hindu.
  • Teachers, are you CENTA certified? Give the Teaching Professionals’ Olympiad to find out | The New Indian Express | September 19, 2018
    Dear teachers, sign up for CENTA's TPO 2018 exam to update yourself with the latest skills and knowledge. Read more in The New Indian Express.
  • Contest for teachers in December | The Telegraph | June 29, 2018
    Teachers, who are traditionally bestowed with the role of motivators, can sometimes do with some motivation themselves. This is what the CENTA Teaching Professionals' Olympiad, a national-level competition for teachers in the country, has been aiming to achieve since 2015. Read more in The Telegraph.
  • Rewarding teaching careers is crucial for quality education | The Progressive School | April-June 2018 issue
    Where few in India have entered before, CENTA has not only made a foray but quickly established itself – with its market-driven model of teacher accreditation. CENTA’s approach which is rooted in the conviction that the most important determinant for improving education is positive recognition, rewards and opportunities for teachers, is set to change the face of teacher certification. Read more in The Progressive
  • Teacher from Kochi wins teaching Olympiad, to undergo crash course at Oxford Uty | Matrubhumi | April 11, 2018
    Manoj Pillai, a teacher in Kochi, won a two-week classroom course at the University of Oxford by topping a teaching professionals' Olympiad.Read more in Matrubhumi.
  • Oxford University Press India to send Teaching Professionals Olympiad winners to the University of Oxford, UK | MENAFN | April 10, 2018
    "We are delighted to sponsor the top rankers of the English Challenger track to world-class professional development programmes for teachers, including one at the University of Oxford, UK," said Mr. Sivaramakrishnan V, Managing Director, Oxford University Press India. Read more in MENAFN.
  • Two teachers bag two-week masterclass at Oxford | Business Standard | April 9, 2018
    The winners of the English Challenger track are Nandini Shah, a teacher at the Oberoi International School, Mumbai and Manoj Pillai, another teacher from Kochi. Both will have a chance to undergo real life Oxford experience by living in student accommodation at the Worcester College.Read more in Business Standard.
  • Meet the principal from Hyderabad who has topped an exam for teachers | The New Indian Express | February 14, 2018
    The principal of Focus High School, Minhaj Arastu, topped CENTA's TPO exam. So we talk to him about education and more. Read article Read more in The New Indian Express.
  • Assam teachers shine at national-level meet | Times of India | February 5, 2018
    Schools from the state have shone in the National Top 500 at the third edition of the Centre for Teacher Accreditation's (CENTA) Teaching Professionals' Olympiad (TPO) 2017. Read more in Times of India.
  • 18 NE teachers win Olympiad | The Telegraph | February 2, 2018
    As a principal, I feel that this recognition is going to provide me with a powerful tool for assessing the professional competence of the teachers," Regional Topper, Mitra Som Saha said. Read more in The Telegraph.
  • BEd students take up MOOCs, new programmes and workshops to stay updated | Hindustan Times | January 27, 2018
    ...a CENTA certificate already ensures that a teacher’s application will be granted priority in institutions run by education companies such as Podar and GEMS." Click to read the article in Hindustan Times.
  • Market forces can be powerful in driving social change | India Development Review | January 17,2018
    While top-down initiatives, supported by funds and policies, have traditionally helped drive social change, social entrepreneurs are increasingly trying to use market forces as an effective way to bring about change. CENTA Founder & CEO, Ramya Venkataraman on how CENTA is working to catalyse improvement in teacher competencies and therefore student learning outcomes, in a market-driven manner, in India Development Review. Click to read the article.
  • Tutors shine at Olympiad 2017 | The Telegraph | December 29,2017
    The well thought out and researched questionnaire of Centa TPO provides a litmus test for in-service teachers. The performance at TPO can be used as a tool for qualitative assessment of the individual's skills," said Ms. Mitra S. Saha, principal of St Vivekananda English Academy in Guwahati, who participated in TPO 2017 along with her teachers.Click to read the article.
  • 8000 take the CENTA Olympiad 2017 | The Hindu | December 11,2017
    Constructive feedback as motivation was necessary for overall professional development, said teachers who took up the Centre for Teacher Accreditation (CENTA) Teachers’ Professional Olympiad (TPO) on Saturday. Click to read the article
  • ‘Dell Aarambh’ partners CENTA to empower teachers | The Hills Times | November 9, 2017
    Dell in India on Wednesday announced its partnership with Centre for Teacher Accreditation (CENTA), expanding the reach of Dell Aarambh – a pan India, PC for education initiative – to CENTA’s growing community of 15,000 teachers in over 500+schools. Click to read the article
  • Oxford University Press partners with CENTA for the Teaching Professionals Olympiad | MENAFN | October 6, 2017
    Oxford University Press India has partnered with the Centre for Teacher Accreditation (CENTA) for the Teaching Professionals Olympiad (TPO), a first-of-its-kind national competition to reward, recognize and celebrate teachers. Click to read the article
  • CENTA TPO gives key insights for teacher professional development | The Hindu | October 4, 2017
    • CENTA Teaching Professionals' Olympiad provides key insights for teacher professional development, The Hindu reports. Click to read the article.
    • The Hindu quotes CENTA Teaching Professionals’ Olympiad teacher performance analysis that suggests the need to focus on common technology tools for teacher professional development. Click to read the article.
  • 'Motivating the Motivator' | Deccan Herald | September 20,2017
    CENTA founder and CEO, Ramya Venkataraman talks about ‘motivating the motivator’ in Deccan Herald. Click to read the article
  • 'Why market-driven teacher certification is the need of the hour' | Entrepreneur India | September 20,2017
    Ramya Venkataraman, CENTA founder and CEO, talks to Entrepreneur India about why market-driven teacher certification is the need of the hour. Click to read the article.
  • Calling teachers countrywide | The Hindu In School | September 1, 2017
    CENTA’s Teaching Professionals’ Olympiad TPO 2017 will be held on December 9, 2017, with test centres in 28 cities across India as well as a centre in Dubai. Click to read the article.
  • CENTA to conduct 2nd Teaching Professional’s Olympiad on December 3 | The Indian Express | September 22, 2016
    The Olympiad will be held in 22 cities across the country to enable maximum participation by teachers and schools. Click to read the article.
  • India education: Gap in quality between government and public schools is troubling | The National | September 17, 2016
    Government schools suffer from poor facilities while private schools enjoy expansive benefits. In between, India's education sector has great potential to grow through various forms of investment. Click to read the article.

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