Program Design

This program involves (a) Training Course and (b) Certification. You can opt for either Training or Certification or both.

The training comprises five live workshops, each workshop will be for two hours from 5 pm to 7 pm on the respective dates and will involve about 1.5 hours of practical exercises of pre & post work.

Course Highlights

The competencies covered are drawn from Level 1 of CENTA® Standards

Record of completion - if you participate throughout the program & appear for the tests.

Modules and Contents

Workshop 1: Overview and Understanding of Child Learning and Development (ECE.1)

Workshop 2: Foundational Literacy (ECE.2)

Workshop 3: Foundational Numeracy (ECE.3)

Workshop 4: Lesson Planning, Pedagogical Methods and Student Assessment (ECE.4)

Workshop 5: Classroom Communication (ECE.5)

Certification Details

CENTA® Certification in Early Childhood Education involves the following assessments:

Part 1: CENTA® Teaching Quotient (TQ) 

  • A 120-minute online test of Level 1 competencies of CENTA® Standards
  • 50 Multiple Choice questions (worth 75 marks) and 2 Video submissions (worth 25 marks)
  • Subject Understanding (40 marks), Understanding of Teaching or Pedagogical Practices (30 marks) and Communication Skills (30 marks)

Part 2 & 3: Test with subjective questions and submissions related to Early Childhood Education competencies

Each test would be conducted as per the schedule provided in the 'Schedule' section.


  1. Digital Badge & Certificate - if you score more than 30% score in each section of the three tests mentioned above or 50% score overall. Click here to see the sample certificate.
  2. Distinction Certificate with a digital badge - if you score above 65% score overall.


The schedule of the batch is mentioned below. If the date does not suit you- we have batches running regularly

August Batch

Workshop Dates: 11th, 14th, 18th, 21st & 25th August 2021

Test Date: 4th September 2021

Submission Deadline: 14th September 2021


  • Laptop/ Desktop/ Smartphone with a working web camera and microphone.
  • Stable internet connection (minimum download speed of 500 kbps, for smartphone - minimum 3G connection with sufficient data availability)


Will be updated soon!


Open to all teachers teaching presently/aspiring to teach and experienced teachers who are looking to upskill themselves.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • On successful completion of Certification requirement, the candidate will be awarded ECE Certification by CENTA. Benefits of CENTA ECE Certification:
    • Placement assistance on best effort basis.
    • Receive digital badges, which are encrypted with blockchain technology, and can be shared with your network on your social media profiles, to showcase your competencies
  • TG: Open to all teachers teaching presently/aspiring to teach and experienced teachers who are looking to upskill themselves

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