Centre for Teacher Accreditation is currently recruiting for multiple exciting roles. If interested, please read the descriptions below and write to us through the form alongside, indicating which role you are interested in.
If interested, please email your resume to team@centa.org indicating which role(s) you are interested in.


  • Primary role:
    • Creating and continuously refining assessment instruments for both objective and practical parts of the CENTA Certification, through a combination of research, expert inputs, market feedback and data analytics;
    • Delivering the CENTA Certification through interaction with candidates, building and managing a network of assessors, and facilitating the evaluation process;
    • Doing analyses on aspects such as reliability, difficulty level, etc. based on data from specific assessments and doing regular research on improvements to the instruments.
  • Additional opportunities:
    • CENTA being a young organization, the person can get other opportunities (e.g. in outreach, market development, etc.) over time.
  • Preferred profile:
    • Strong analytical and qualitative reasoning skills.
    • Drive, perseverance and rigour.
    • Strong capabilities and interest in data-handling, including working with basic tools like Excel.
    • Strong interest in the theme of teacher competencies (experience in teaching or teacher training would be a strong plus, but not necessary).
    • Interest in assessment design, especially development of instruments and rubrics (experience would be a plus but not necessary).
    • Good program management skills in terms of building and working with a team of Subject Matter Experts, Expert Assessors, etc.
  • This role will report to the Product Head.

  • (2 Vacancies)
    Primary role:
    • Own registration targets for specific regions or segments, for the CENTA Teaching Professionals’ Olympiad (TPO) and CENTA Certification and Micro-Credentials. Have a regularly updated plan on which segments, channels or initiatives the targets will come from.
    • Create leads with schools, B.Ed. colleges, school associations, teacher groups and other relevant entities, to introduce stakeholders to TPO 2018 as well as CENTA Certification.
    • Drive registrations through a range of initiatives including region-specific marketing initiatives, on-the-field activities, connects with stakeholders, need-based registration support to interested groups of teachers, etc.
    • Keep closely in touch with CENTA’s Product team to understand both TPO and Certification / Micro-credentials in detail, be able to answer queries and provide any interesting inputs from the market.
    • Keep closely in touch with colleagues driving social media or print media based engagement, provide inputs to the same based on views from the field and leverage the same for one’s own regions.
  • The role is expected to involve significant travel.
  • Additional opportunities:
    • CENTA being a young organization, the person can get other opportunities (e.g. in product, etc.) over time.
  • Preferred profile:
    • Experience or at least interest in marketing, sales and outreach activities;
    • Very good communication skills with a range of stakeholders;
    • Speaking proficiency in both English and the specific regional language;
    • Ability to work with ambiguity and push for targets;
    • Drive and perseverance.
    • Interest in education, especially the teaching profession and keenness to see teachers getting access to a range of opportunities, is a definite plus and will connect you to the purpose of the role!
  • This role will report to the Outreach Head.

  • Primary role:
    • Supporting the CEO/Directors directly in terms of setting up a range of external and internal meetings, attending some meetings both to gain broad perspective and help follow up on outcomes, and providing documentation or other preparatory support;
    • Handling several “central” aspects of the organization such as parts of office management, parts of recruiting, etc.
    • Taking up special projects and assignments (e.g. outreach in a specific geography, a digital marketing campaign, driving a publication, etc.) – the exciting aspect of this role will be the wide range of assignments possible.
  • Additional opportunities:
    • Based on interest and capabilities, the person could spend part of his/her time on outreach/marketing activities OR content/product side activities. Further, this being a young organization, the EA to CEO is expected to grow into a functional lead based on performance (for example, the previous EA to CEO now leads customer experience management for the organization).
  • Preferred profile:
    • Drive, perseverance and rigour.
    • Ability to work with ambiguity and willingness to take up a range of tasks.
    • Comfort with basic tools like Word, Excel, Ppt.
    • Interest in the education sector would be a strong plus, since the person is likely to get a range of experiences and perspectives about the sector.
  • This role will report to the CEO/Directors.

If you have a subject/topic of passion and believe you can create high quality multiple choice questions, please click here to see full job description and how you can apply. Teaching experience is a plus, but not necessary.

CENTA is regularly expanding its pool of expert assessors for assessing submissions from its certification candidates. Any expert assessor needs to have a minimum of 15 years of teaching and/or teacher education experience.

  • Position Summary:
    • As the Campus Ambassador, you will be the face of CENTA at your college and you will singularly drive CENTA’s campaigns to build awareness about the CENTA brand at your institution. You will be responsible for identifying individuals who can benefit from the CENTA Certification and Micro-Credentials. You will do this by planning workshops, webinars and other strategic campaigns related to CENTA Teaching Professionals Olympiad (CENTA TPO) and CENTA Certification. This is an unpaid opportunity that allows you to build critical skills.
  • Primary Role:
    • Spread awareness about CENTA Teaching Professionals Olympiad (CENTA TPO) and CENTA Certification by planning, organizing and implementing various strategies and events to raise awareness.
    • Promoting CENTA’s social media posts and posters among students and staff of the college.
    • Take initiative to organize workshops, webinars and presence is campus placement with CENTA team members.
    • Build strong relationships with various stakeholders in your institution and act as a point of contact between CENTA and your institution.
    • Invest and motivate candidates to apply for the TPO or CENTA Certification. You will constantly refer promising candidates in the college to CENTA and support them in the recruitment/registration process.
  • Learning opportunities
    • Make decisions effectively and take ownership of an entire campaign
    • Define opportunities as well as problems and be solution-oriented
    • Inculcate work flow management skills
    • Exposure to social media marketing
    • Influence and motivate others
    • Communicate articulately
  • Preferred Profile

    The ideal candidate will have outstanding communication skills, an ability to build strong relationships, invest and motivate large groups as well as individuals to apply for the CENTA Certification and drive a high-impact strategy. He/she will be the face of CENTA at college, align with the vision of CENTA and be able to deliver results that will ensure registrations.

Centre for Teacher Accreditation encourages volunteers who would like to learn from and contribute to CENTA in their spare time. We have had some very enriching volunteer contributions into CENTA and would like to hear of your interests if you'd like to volunteer with us. Please fill the initial interst form alongside so we can start a conversation with you.