Insights on Teacher Competencies in India from 4 years of CENTA TPO

35% of CENTA TPO participants come from 8 Tier 1 cities

…and 65% come from over 2500+ cities, towns and villages across India.

Participation is from all school types…

…and from all school boards!

Performance across schools is less variable…

…than performance within a school.

Teachers need professional development support, irrespective of the school they are in. ‘Coaches’ may be available within the school system, only if they can be identified!

Draft NEP also refers to the importance of in-school teacher development (Clause P5.3.5).

Teachers perform better in generic competencies vs. subject-specific 

Subject Expertise should be part of pre-service and in-service professional development programs.

Draft NEP recommends that the different tracks which teachers can opt for, in a B.Ed. programme should include Subject specific tracks for Middle and Secondary School. Our analyses suggest the need for strong subject integration in all teacher education, whether 4-year or 2-year B.Ed. or continuous professional development (Clause P5.5.1).

Knowledge of pedagogical practices is good. Application needs improvement.

Pre-service training needs to have a stronger field component.In-service training needs to be integrated with the teacher’s subject and real classroom scenarios.

Draft NEP suggests that the B.Ed. programme should be affiliated with 10-15 nearly schools to facilitate student- teacher internships in actual classrooms under the guidance of mentors(Clause P5.5.1).

The Correlation Coefficient between scores in any two competency groups is well below 0.25

Modular professional development can be both highly effective and practical in a teacher’s schedule, especially if it can allow them to demonstrate proficiency through competency-specific micro-certificates linked to opportunities.

Draft NEP recommends Continuous Professional Development of teachers through modular, online, self-paced programmes.

CENTA TPO provides data-based insights across the country which support many provisions of Draft NEP.

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