Several Indian States encourage their teachers to participate in CENTA Teaching Professionals’ Olympiad…

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…and many have rewarded, felicitated and incentivized their winning teachers.

K Sandhya Rani IPoS, announces CENTA TPO 2018 winners
Esther Lal Ruatkimi IRS, announces CENTA TPO 2018 winners
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Government of Andhra Pradesh has selected Resource Personnel through competency-based assessments.

SCERT, Andhra Pradesh wanted to select 3500 Resource personnel through a systematic and objective selection process.

SCERT, AP collaborated with CENTA for this purpose, which included a two stage process for Resource personnel. Read more.

Teacher Capacity Building

Teacher Need Assessment (TNA) and capacity development are integral aspects of continuous improvement in any state. States can provide impactful and cost-efficient professional development support to teachers by identifying unique professional development needs of each teacher and providing personalized training plans. CENTA supports such initiatives by:

  1. Designing, developing and delivering customized assessment based on L-1 CENTA Standards and SCERT curriculums.
  • Computer-based tests conducted in MCQ format. Possible to add video submissions to test specific competencies such as Verbal Communication
  • Both subject expertise and pedagogical understanding are core to CENTA’s teacher assessments
  • The assessments are conducted in regional languages
  1. Based on the performance in TNA, teachers are organized in cohorts, so that targeted and customized training programs can be delivered. The state has the option of delivering and managing personalized training on MyCENTA.
  2. CENTA provides personalized reports and data analysis, which can be very useful in developing long term plans to meet state’s education goals. CENTA’s significant experience of conducting large scale teacher assessment at national level has given us valuable data and insights into teacher competencies, which can also be used to develop the cut-offs / benchmarks for the state.

    Click here to read insights on Teacher Competencies in India from 4 years of CENTA Teaching Professionals’ Olympiad.

    Read how insights from CENTA’s assessments were useful in shaping the teacher development efforts in the state of Tamil Nadu.

    The data from CENTA Teaching Professionals’ Olympiad, shows that Government School teachers from Tamil Nadu are at par with their private school counterparts across the country on the aspect of subject knowledge. Read more here.

    CENTA’s Founder-Director, Anjali Jain was a part of a recent panel alongside Mr. A Suresh, Minister for HRD, Andhra Pradesh, that discussed the ‘Capacity building required in AP schools to support the transition of English medium’. Read more about the panel discussion here.

CENTA has received several recognitions from Governments and International agencies

  • CENTA is a registered Certification Trademark
  • Knowledge Partner to NITI Aayog in India,  2017-18: CENTA Standards are presented to all State Governments
  • CENTA is one of two organizations from India invited into UNESCO’s International Teachers’ Task Force, 2019-20: CENTA Standards presented to and very well received by Governments of 20 Asian and African countries.
  • Chalk & Challenges, a book based on CENTA Standards, is published with forewords from MHRD Secretary and NCTE Chairperson, 2017
  • CENTA founder-CEO Ramya Venkataraman is one of the 15 recipients of the ‘Women Transforming India’ awards by NITI Aayog India and United Nations, 2019-20
  • CENTA is invited to peer review UNESCO-UNEVOC’s publication on TVET teachers for the future, 2020