Government support for CENTA® Teaching Professionals’ Olympiad(Draft)

Andhra Pradesh

Multiple state-wide notifications encouraging all the government school teachers to participate |Active participation from the Social Welfare and Tribal Welfare Departments also


Participation of government school teachers from all 22 districts of the state in TPO 2019

Himachal Pradesh

Circular and SMS to all government school teachers, informing them of the TPO and encouraging them to participate


Active support from the Secretary of School Education led to introduction of Kannada as a subject track in TPO


Special points to winners from government schools of the state towards their selection for State Teacher Awards


Sponsored the participation of 200 government school teachers in TPO 2018


Issued notifications in multiple years | Sent out WhatsApps and SMSs to all government school teachers in the state

Tamil Nadu

Active participation from Government School teachers across the state since 2015 | Multiple notifications issued by the Education Department of Chennai Municipal Corporation

Uttar Pradesh

Notifications to all District Education Officers since 2017| WhatsApps to teachers through official channel| Special felicitation ceremony for TPO winners|Publication of a book authored by winners from government schools of the state

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