The annual EducationWorld India School Rankings (EWISR) is the world’s largest and most comprehensive school rankings survey. In the forthcoming EducationWorld India School Rankings 2022-23, under the critical parameter of teacher quality and competence of faculty (200 points), your editors have decided to supplement the perceptual score awarded by sample respondents with the CENTA® Teacher Subject Competency Test (TSCT) taken by representative teachers in schools. This test will be designed, administered, and scored by CENTA (Centre for Teacher Accreditation), India’s pioneer and most respected teacher training and certification company (estb 2014).

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Kindly note that candidates will require a desktop/ laptop with a webcam or a mobile phone (with a front-facing camera) to take the test. Schools will receive the individual scores of nominated teachers along with an average score of their performance in the assessment post declaration of the overall results of ISR 2022. CENTA® and EducationWorld will ensure confidentiality of teacher information and this will remain with the specific school only.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Teacher(s) have not received the credentials to take the test.
A: Teachers will receive an email with the credentials to take the test 48 hours prior to the chosen test date. If a teacher(s) has not received the link by then, please request them to check their spam/trash folders for the email, failing which please write to with teacher details (name, email address, phone number, school name) and we will help resolve the issue.’

Q: Test not loading/Teacher got logged out during the test/Unable to exit test/Faced any other technical difficulty.
A: In all such cases of technical difficulty, please write to us with details at within a maximum period of 2 hours after the test. We will then check details at our end and help resolve. The answers submitted by the teacher till the time they faced the issue will still be recorded.

Q: Will my school or I have to make any payment for this participation?
A: No, there is no payment involved at any stage by either the school or the individual teachers.

Q: Can any teacher be nominated?
A: Given that this is a Middle School Subject Competency Test, it is expected that teachers from Middle School Grade will be nominated by the respective school.

Q: Can teachers directly fill the registration form?
A: No. The registration form is to be used ONLY by school admin/POCs/management, etc. Teachers MUST NOT use this form to register.

To know more about CENTA®’s offerings, visit MyCENTA ( from your mobile browser).

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