Courses on Assessment Objectives, Methods and Tools from Firki

Introduction to Assessments
This course gives an introduction to various types of assessments and the purpose of each. It also explores Blooms’ taxonomy.
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Formative Assessments
Teachers often find gaps in the students’ learning at the end of term assessments and think to themselves that these gaps could have been corrected had they known that the students have not grasped a concept. The teacher could have changed the classroom instruction at the right time. Formative Assessments are a tool for the teachers to alter, change or modify their classroom instruction to help them address the gaps in student learning. This course will help the teacher create and conduct Formative Assessments.
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Diagnostic Assessments
Students do better in the long run when they are invested in their own success. This course shows you how you can get their students to see success in your classrooms and why it is important to see success at all. It also shows you how you can build intrinsic motivation (the desire to succeed that will outlast your tenure as their teacher and the students’ time in school) in your students.
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