Course on Delivery of Content (including contextualization, involvement, pace & individual attention) from Firki

Setting Up Classroom Culture
As a result of this course, teachers will explore classroom management systems they can set up in their classroom to ensure they are maximizing learning and practice time in their classroom. It will help to ensure that teachers begin teaching content with structures already in place all the while building investment in students.
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Checks for Understanding
In this course, you will explore simple and easy to implement strategies to check for students’ understanding during a lesson. This will help you to address gaps in student learning without having to wait for end of term exams.
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Weekly Planning
Through this course, we will understand why we need to have a weekly plan, the components of a weekly plan and how it all comes together over the duration of a week for both teachers and students to have meaningful learning experiences.
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Introduction to the Sharing Circle
See how by creating a safe space like a Sharing Circle, you could build a strong classroom community with and among your students where they can flourish not only academically, but also socially and emotionally.
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Daily Planning
Teachers will be able to learn the importance of planning on a daily basis to optimally use their time in the classroom and make SVS integration throughout the day.
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