For Teachers/B.Ed. Students

Centre for Teacher Accreditation (CENTA) aims to empower teachers through opportunites. Currently, there is no easy way for an outstanding teacher to differentiate her or himself from others (many of whom hold similar degrees) and get access to schools and other opportunities of one's choice. This is where CENTA certification comes in – our aim being to connect outstanding teachers and teacher candidates to great opportunities. Whether you are a new teacher or teacher candidate, or a tenured teacher at a reputed institution, a CENTA Certificate can help facilitate the following:

  • Potentially connect you to great opportunities – this could be one of several schools interested in recruiting candidates with CENTA certificates (within and outside India); this could take one of several forms, for example an enhanced role within your own school (in the case of tenured teachers), or an opportunity for additional experience and income through roles like coach, assessor, supplemental teacher and so on in one of several education organizations .
  • Provide you with a framework to advance your own performance.
  • Benchmark your competencies against well-accepted standards of teacher performance – the CENTA Standards have received input from several stakeholders in education in India and are benchmarked against internationally recognized standards.
  • Identify strengths or areas of "spike" that can become valuable differentiators.
  • Identify new skill areas that can become potential for growth.

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