For Teacher Educators

The increased growth in the number of schools and education institutions has brought with it an attendant spike in the demand for qualified teachers. However, both B.Ed. colleges and in-service teacher training providers find it a challenge to differentiate themselves and therefore get opportunities from schools. Employing schools do not have an easy way to identify high quality B.Ed. colleges from among the large number of existing colleges (about 14,000 across the country!) and also do not have an easy way to identify high quality Training Providers.

At CENTA, we strongly feel that a lot can be done to make teaching a profession of choice and create great opportunities for high quality B.Ed./D.Ed. students and colleges. CENTA aims to facilitate this with a structured assessment and certification service that will help connect graduates to employers, i.e. schools, looking for quality teachers, and help colleges sync their teacher education more closely with competencies sought by prospective employers. Candidates will receive an exhaustive feedback report detailing their strengths and areas that need development, which will function as important input into their on-going professional development.

If you run a B.Ed/D.Ed college, CENTA can give you:

  • A mechanism to improve the placement prospects of your graduating students and therefore add value to the degree or diploma.
  • An increased ability to differentiate your college amongst other colleges, due to better student placements.
  • A well-accepted and internationally-benchmarked set of competencies or "CENTA Standards" that have been developed based on inputs from a large number of schools across boards, training providers and other stakeholders, and therefore serve as a good list of what the landscape is looking for.
  • Clear feedback on which of these competencies your graduates are able to meet on an average and which are areas of gap, and therefore a structured framework to enhance your education and training in line with market demand.
  • An increase in demand in the medium to long-term, due to improved professional prospects in the teaching profession

If you are an in-service training provider, the CENTA certification can serve as a good list of what the landscape is looking for and therefore give you a structured framework to enhance your training in line with market demand. There will be an increased demand for high quality training support as more and more teachers take the CENTA certification and look for training support that will help them build on the strengths and address the areas of development identified.

If you are interested in exploring the CENTA Certification for teachers being trained by you or your organization, or for your B.Ed. or D.Ed. students, please click here and register your details.