CENTA Certification
CENTA Certification is a certification for K-12 teachers (including full-time, supplementary and voluntary teachers, working with school students of various grade levels) based on the rigorously developed CENTA Standards. The CENTA Certification intends to recognize outstanding teachers, therefore opening up a range of potential opportunities for them. The specific aims of the CENTA Certificate are:

  • Deeply assess the varied aspects of excellence in teaching and recognize outstanding teachers by awarding them the CENTA Certificate.
  • Facilitate a professional growth environment for teachers by establishing linkage between the CENTA Certificate and career opportunities depending upon the interest and profile of the Awardee. Opportunities may range from weightage in the recruitment process of some schools, to being one of the inputs in a school’s promotion process, to access to unique professional development options and additional roles such as curriculum developer, teacher trainer, etc.
  • Support professional development of teachers, by providing the participants a detailed view of their performance in different teaching competency areas, as well as potentially connecting them to training entities which may be able to support them in their professional development. Please note that CENTA itself is an independent certification entity and does not offer training for teachers.
To meet its purpose, the CENTA Certificate assesses the participating teachers on key competencies expected from an effective teacher as elaborated in the CENTA Standards.

The CENTA Standards and hence the CENTA Certificate is available at three levels which correspond to the experience levels of teachers.

Level 1 (L1): New Teacher. Typically relevant for teachers who are yet to begin their professional career or are in the early stages of their career, say, less than 3 years of experience.

Level 2 (L2): Experienced Teacher. Typically relevant for teachers with 3 to 10 years of experience, who are able to enrich their teaching based on their own experiences and other inputs.

Level 3 (L3): Senior Teacher. Typically relevant for teachers with more than 10 years of experience; such teachers may often be in a position to assume the role of a specialist teacher in their chosen subject/grade level or a coach where they mentor other teachers or a leader in the School or beyond.

This is a first-of-its kind certification for teaching professionals in India. Through this, we hope to contribute to making teaching more celebrated and professionally rewarding.