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Teaching Quotient
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Teaching Professionals' Olympiad
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Minimum 18 years of age Graduate in any discipline (Diploma holders in Education/ Elementary Education allowed) Teacher or interested in teaching (Teaching degree or experience NOT necessary) Cannot take CENTAR TQ in same test track more than once within 3 months and in more than 4 test tracks in total within 12 months
FEE 1500 990 +GST ( 510 OFF) International: $17

A 120-minute online test of Level 1 competencies of CENTAR Standards
50 Multiple Choice questions (worth 75 marks) and 2 Video submissions (worth 25 marks)
Subject Understanding (40 marks) Pedagogical Practices (30 marks) Communication Skills (30 marks)
Applicable for all school boards and segments; topics used in the Subject Understanding section are the most common topics for that grade level, across boards.
Infrastructure Laptop/ Desktop/ Smartphone with a working web camera and microphone
Stable internet connection (Minimum download speed of 500 kbps, for smartphone – minimum 3G connection with sufficient data availability)
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Co-curricular track (Common across all co curriculars)
Computer Science (Grade agnostic)
School Leaders Track
Early Childhood Education (ECE)
Primary School mix (Language, Math, EVS) in English medium
Primary School English
Primary School Maths
Primary School Hindi
Primary School EVS
Primary School Language, Math and EVS (in Hindi)
Middle School
Middle School English
Middle School Maths
Middle School Science
Middle School Social Studies
Middle School Hindi
Middle School Sanskrit
Middle School Maths (Hindi medium)
Middle School Science (Hindi medium)
Secondary School
Secondary / Senior Secondary School English
Secondary / Senior Secondary School Hindi
Secondary School Maths
Secondary School Physics
Secondary School Chemistry
Secondary School Biology
Secondary School History
Secondary School Geography
Senior Secondary
Senior Secondary School Maths
Senior Secondary School Physics
Senior Secondary School Chemistry
Senior Secondary School Biology
Senior Secondary School Economics
Senior Secondary School Accounts
Senior Secondary Commerce (Business Studies)
Senior Secondary Geography


EnglishBiologyMathChemistryComputer SciencePhysicsMiddle School SciencePrimary (Hindi Medium)Social Studies


Test DateTime Slot
29-10-20225.00 PM to 7.00 PM IST
25-11-20225.00 PM to 7.00 PM IST
28-12-20225.00 PM to 7.00 PM IST

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CENTA® “Classroom Communication”
CENTA® “Classroom Communication”
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