• A globally-benchmarked teacher competency framework
  • Well-aligned with NPST in India – CENTA® was closely involved in giving inputs into the National Professional Standards for Teachers (NPST) under India’s NEP 2020. 
  • CENTA® Standards presented to all State Governments through NITI Aayog workshops. Several States use CENTA® Standards.
  • CENTA® Standards presented to several Country Governments across Asia and Africa, through UNESCO’s international Teacher Task Force.
Centa Standards  Teacher Competency Framework

Technical Competencies 
Professional Competencies 
Core Competencies 

Technical Competencies 

Subject Expertise 
Understanding of Child Learning and Diversity
Content Development and Planning
Student Assessment and Remediation
Classroom Communication
Technology in Education
Life Skills Integration 

Professional Competencies 

Core Competencies 

Logical Ability
Technological awareness


Student-centered minds-et, with belief in Holistic Development
Belief in all Students 
Parent and Community Importance 
Initiative and Drive 

L1 - New Teacher 
L2 - Experienced Teacher 
L3 - Senior teacher

CENTA® Certification, CENTA® trainings and trainings of other entities accredited by CENTA® are based on CENTA® Standards.

CENTA® Standards are the Intellectual Property of Centre for Teacher Accreditation (CENTA®). Any individual or organization interested in teacher professional development can download and use its standards, as-is, for setting learning goals for teachers, self-reflection, and internal assessment, with appropriate referencing as the “CENTA® Standards” .

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