CENTA® Early Childhood Educator (ECE) Certification

Certification of Competencies, based on CENTA Standards for ECE

Centre for Teacher Accreditation (CENTA®)’s ECE Certification is designed to support and recognize outstanding current and aspiring teachers for early childhood education and connect them with career growth opportunities, whether as part of a full school, in a pre-school chain, or as an individual pre-school teacher. The Certification is rooted in high standards and aligned with market needs, like all CENTA certifications. It is a certification of competencies based on tests and in-depth, technology-enabled submissions, and there are also aligned training options before the assessment.

CENTA® ECE Certification is based on CENTA® Standards for ECE, which in turn is aligned with the overall CENTA Standards framework, widely-accepted as a teacher competency framework, and mapped with over 20 international frameworks. Through an invitation to NITI Aayog’s knowledge workshops, CENTA Standards have been presented to all State Governments of India; through an invitation to UNESCO’s international teachers’ task force, CENTA Standards have been presented to several country governments in Asia and Africa.

Combination of Training options and Certification

CENTA® ECE Certification has two broad components:

  1. Training or Professional Development: CENTA has its own rapid ECE upskilling course (3 weeks, online) and also has the ability to map and accredit other ECE programs and courses, both long and short ones, based on its Standards.
  2. CENTA® ECE Certification Assessment: CENTA’s assessment consists of online invigilated tests and technology-enabled practical submissions (about 5 hours of assessment scheduled over 2 weeks).

The ‘Training’ component and ‘CENTA Assessment’ component are fully independent of each other; i.e. a teacher or aspiring teacher can take either or both. Further, getting CENTA-Certified in ECE depends only on the candidate’s performance in the assessment irrespective of whether training is taken or which training program the candidate comes from.

For more details on these two components, download this document.

If you are interested to apply for this Certification, please drop us an email at team@centa.org

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