Ms Nivedita Mukerjee is an education advisor for schools, higher education institutions and ed-tech companies. Over the last 3 decades, she has taught life sciences, genetics and communication in high school and college. She co-founded COMMITS, a Post Graduate Institute of Media studies, and was the co-founder and director of Neev Academy, an IB world school for 12 years. She also helped set up CMRU, a private University in Bangalore, India.

Ms Niveditha has worked as a research scientist, a News Reporter, Editor and Producer with Doordarshan India, Zee TV and CNBC Asia for over 15 years before switching her career to be an educator, writer and speaker on education-related matters. She now publishes a popular weekly newsletter aimed at parents, students and educators. She also works with CENTA as a teacher educator and has facilitated multiple masterclasses.

As a fourth-generation educator, Ms Nivedita’s passion lies in communication and designing effective communication strategies and learning environments for education. She believes that creating an enabling and accessible physical, social and virtual environment for education will provide each of us with the ability of advocacy for self and others.

TPO 2022
A million Teachers have already been a part of this movement

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Rewarding Teachers
Reliance Foundation
Reliance Foundation awarded up to Rs. 1 lakh cash prize to the awardees of CENTA TPO – Teaching Professionals’ Olympiad 2021

Subject Tracks

Primary School
Primary School mix (Language, Math, EVS) in English medium
Primary School English
Primary School Maths
Primary School Hindi
Primary School EVS
Primary School Language, Math and EVS (in Hindi)
Middle School
Middle School English
Middle School Maths
Middle School Science
Middle School Social Studies
Middle School Hindi
Middle School Sanskrit
Middle School Maths (Hindi medium)
Middle School Science (Hindi medium)
Secondary School
Secondary / Senior Secondary School English
Secondary / Senior Secondary School Hindi
Secondary School Maths
Secondary School Physics
Secondary School Chemistry
Secondary School Biology
Secondary School History
Secondary School Geography
Senior Secondary
Senior Secondary School Maths
Senior Secondary School Physics
Senior Secondary School Chemistry
Senior Secondary School Biology
Senior Secondary School Economics
Senior Secondary School Accounts
Senior Secondary Commerce (Business Studies)
Senior Secondary Geography
Senior Secondary School Political Science
Senior Secondary School Psychology
Senior Secondary School Sociology
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Results of CENTA TPO 2021 announced! Watch the full ceremony here!

Results announced!

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