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‘Accredit’ means ‘to recognize as outstanding’

We believe the most important determinant for improving education is positive recognition, rewards and career opportunities for teachers.

Founded in 2014, Centre for Teacher Accreditation (CENTA) works to empower teachers and catalyze their professional development through CENTA Certification and Micro-Credentials, a market-driven certification of competencies rooted in high standards, which connects outstanding candidates to great opportunities in recognition, career and professional development.

CENTA Certification, comprising of five Micro-Credentials, is based on the CENTA Standards, a well-accepted and internationally-benchmarked set of competencies for teachers. Our methodology is scientific, research-backed and fact-based, supported by an advisory board of eminent leaders.

CENTA also conducts the annual Teaching Professionals’ Olympiad (TPO), a unique national competition in the format of an objective, multiple-choice test based on the CENTA Standards and which is highly practice-oriented. It brings a host of relevant and coveted rewards, recognition and opportunities for teachers. CENTA TPO is held on the second Saturday of every December.

CENTA’s Teaching Quotient (TQ) for teacher recruitment is a high-quality assessment that leads to a TQ Score which any graduate interested in teaching can carry on the resume and which schools can use as a benchmark in recruiting. Based on the globally-benchmarked CENTA Standards, TQ Score combines the most important competencies for teacher recruitment.

More than 100,000 teaching professionals from 30,000+ schools in 6500+ cities, towns and villages across India and UAE are part of CENTA's endeavour to connect teachers with career opportunities and professional growth.


CENTA Certification and Micro-Credentials will help identify outstanding teachers and teacher candidates and create great opportunities for them by serving as a signal of quality for schools, teacher training institutes and employers. Through this catalysing role, we hope to motivate a larger population of teachers to improve their competencies, and see teaching becoming a more aspirational profession – which will help improve the quality of school education in a fundamental, sustainable and market-driven manner.

In 2017, CENTA was named a ‘Top 60 Social Enterprise in Asia’ by Development Bank of Singapore and National University of Singapore. While the CENTA Standards have been appreciated by Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India, NITI Aayog and other government institutions, CENTA TPO has received the support of multiple state governments including Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra and Rajasthan.

CENTA is part of the Global Alliance on Teachers, alongside Harvard Graduate School of Education, National Institute of Education Singapore and University of Helsinki Finland.