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Online Teaching & Learning – What do Teachers, Principals and Tutors feel after 4 months of lockdown (A Pulse Survey)

Hundreds of teachers, principals and tutors across the country participated in a survey conducted by Centre for Teacher Accreditation (CENTA), to share their views on efficacy of online teaching/ learning and their comfort with the technology after 4 months of lockdown. This report, in addition to analyzing their current feelings/ opinions also tries to draw a comparison with their thoughts at […]

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Teachers’ attitude towards Education Technology (Results from the survey conducted in September, 2019)

In September, 2019, a set of 800 teachers from the MyCENTA community took part in a survey which sought to explore their attitude towards education technology, the issues they face while adopting new technologies, the different kinds of applications and platforms used by them and so forth. Demographics of the respondents It is interesting to note that there was no […]

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Insights on Teacher Competencies in India from 4 years of CENTA TPO

35% of CENTA TPO participants come from 8 Tier 1 cities… …and 65% come from over 2500+ cities, towns and villages across India. Participation is from all school types… …and from all school boards! Performance across schools is less variable… …than performance within a school. Teachers need professional development support, irrespective of the school they are in. ‘Coaches’ may be […]

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Key Performance Trends indicated by the CENTA Teaching Professional’s Olympiad TPO 2015

Centre for Teacher Accreditation (CENTA) aims to empower teachers and catalyze teacher professional development through a high quality certification that can connect outstanding teachers to great opportunities and help create a career path for the profession. The first step towards the CENTA Certification is held as an annual national competition for teachers, the CENTA Teaching Professional’s Olympiad or TPO. The […]

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Defining Success through Competency Standards

Why do you come to school? To get an education, which will help you become successful in life. Now success may be defined differently by different people – you may define it by your own standard or by what is expected of you.  However, as you are part of a larger world, you should understand how your work impacts others […]

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