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How you benefit

If you are a school/institution

The biggest challenge facing school managements today is identifying, attracting and retaining high quality teachers. In addition, schools also have to shoulder the responsibility of teachers' ongoing professional development. By providing them with an objective mechanism, CENTA helps you:

  • Identify and hire high quality teachers with excellence in different competencies
  • Identify and promote high quality teachers and also understand professional development needs in depth and support them in a customized manner
  • Retain your outstanding teachers through broader opportunities; e.g. a high-quality conference, participation in a network
  • Empower the recruitment function of your organization with a members-only access to a database of CENTA-certified teachers
  • Tangibly show your teacher quality (e.g. “we have x number of CENTA Certified teachers”) as a differentiator to parents, and therefore find it worthwhile, economically, invest in high quality teacher retention.
  • Recognise your teachers at a national level through a platform called , CENTA Teaching Professionals Olympiad (TPO). This is a National competition for teachers

If you are a B. Ed student/aspiring teacher

CENTA helps to connect the B.Ed students / aspiring teacher to schools looking for quality teachers. It does this by:

  • CENTA's Teaching Quotient (TQ), which helps you highlight your talent to schools, improve placement prospects, standout from the rest. CENTA's Teaching Quotient (TQ), is a score for teacher recruitment, based on a high-quality, online assessment of the most important competencies for teaching.
  • Connecting you to opportunities – with schools and employers recruiting candidates with CENTA Certification (within and outside India)
  • Benchmarking your competencies against the well-accepted CENTA Standards of teacher performance, and providing you with a framework to advance your performance
  • Cash Rewards & National level Recognition through CENTA Teaching Professionals Olympiad

If you are a teacher training institute

With 14,000 pre-service teacher training institutes, the high quality institutes among them find it a challenge to differentiate themselves for better opportunities from schools. CENTA Certification becomes a structured assessment and certification mechanism that will help connect graduates to employers, while helping colleges sync their teacher education more closely with competencies sought by prospective employers.

  • You can connect your graduates to schools looking for quality teachers, thereby improving your placement prospects
  • CENTA helps create demand for in-service training, with teachers getting motivated to improve their competencies
  • Candidates will receive an exhaustive feedback report detailing their strengths and areas that need development, which will function as important input into their on-going professional development.

  • The ultimate impact of these benefits is on the child, whose quality of education is improved.

    CENTA Certification