Affiliated Products/ Services

CENTA® is a registered Certification Trademark in education. In this capacity, CENTA® reviews and affiliates education products and services, including online teacher training modules, teacher workshops, tools and so on. Affiliated products and services are made available and recommended on MyCENTA teachers’ community, and also form part of CENTA’s institutional initiatives.

Affiliated Partners

CEIAR, TISS (Tata Institute of Social Sciences) offers a Postgraduate Certificate in Reflective Teaching in ICT (RTICT). The course is designed as a professional
development programme for teachers with a special focus on the use of ICT in improving the
quality of education and pedagogy.
Registrations are closed for now.

EdSix Labs provides self-learning and adaptive puzzles to support development of logical ability and problem solving ability in teachers as well as students. Level 1 of its award winning game-based puzzle program is now available for subscription on MyCENTA. Click here for details.

HeyMath’s lessons, games and interactive activities have been mapped to CENTA® Standards and can be easily integrated into lesson plans.This large repository of curated content across topics, grades and school boards is available to MyCENTA community members at a special discount of 10%. Click here to know more and access these modules.

Oxford University Press India‘s Online Teacher Training (OTT) modules cover a wide range of themes from 21st Century Skills to ways to make the classroom more interesting.  MyCENTA community members can buy these 21 modules individually at very affordable prices or as discounted packages directly on MyCENTA. Click here to know more and access these modules. OUP is also offering a limited period special package comprising of 2 modules + a 2 day workshop on Communication at just INR 750 –click here to purchase.

Pearson conducts various workshops on aspects like the Emotional Well-being of students, how to handle child diversity- Aligned to CENTA® Standards.

Firki offers a variety of free professional development modules aligned to competencies defined in CENTA® Standards.

If you are interested in getting affiliated by CENTA® or to know more about the Affiliation program, do write to us at

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