1. Subject Matter Expert (Assessment and Content Design)

Assessment and Content Design – Subject Matter Expert (SME): CENTA®’s assessment for teachers includes tests with MCQs (multiple choice questions) on select themes of specific subjects. Assessments design is an on-going process at CENTA®. To ensure a ready pool of assessment tools,
we have an on-going process of creating and reviewing assessment items (MCQs) and evaluation tools (rubrics).

Who are we looking for? Assessment and Content Design- SME with expertise in the following domains:
● English (Primary I-V, Middle School VI-VIII, Secondary IX-X, Senior Secondary XI-XII)
● Math (Primary I-V, Middle School VI-VIII, Secondary IX-X, Senior Secondary XI-XII)
● Physics (Middle School VI-VIII, Secondary IX-X, Senior Secondary XI-XII)
● Chemistry (Middle School VI-VIII, Secondary IX-X, Senior Secondary XI-XII)
● Biology (Middle School VI-VIII, Secondary IX-X, Senior Secondary XI-XII)
● Social Studies – History/Civics/Geography/Economics (Middle School VI-VIII)
● Computer Science (Grades Agnostic)
● Political Science (Secondary IX-X, Senior Secondary XI-XII)
● Accountancy (Senior Secondary XI-XII)
● Economics (Senior Secondary XI-XII)
● Hindi (Primary I-V)

What’s in it for you? The SME role provides an opportunity to explore assessment design as a skill. You will also gain some experience in using assessment principles and competencies required by teaching professionals, and more broadly as an assessment creator. High performers will receive a Certificate of Appreciation and/or Letter of Recommendation from CENTA and may get broader exposure based on interest. Remuneration will be discussed after initial screening of candidates.

Subject Matter Expert Profile: An ideal SME for this role is someone with deep interest, knowledge, and conceptual understanding of the diverse topics in the chosen subject & grade combination (for example Primary Math, Middle School Social Studies, Senior Secondary Economics, etc), and strong analytical reasoning (important for multiple-choice questions design). [Candidates can choose more than one subject/grade combinations.] Basic proficiency with Excel and Word is essential. In-depth ability to use technology is not required. The candidate must be someone who is good at managing their time, meeting deadlines, open to receiving constructive feedback and learning.

Selection Process:
If you would like to apply, please follow the following steps:

  1. Consider your own expertise and conceptual understanding in order to create assessment tools. The questions you create will have to be original. The list of topics will be provided to you post selection.
  2. Write to expressing your interest and attaching your CV. We will revert with the next steps.