Centre for Teacher Accreditation (CENTA®) is making teaching an aspirational profession by assessing and certifying the competencies of teachers, connecting them to career opportunities, rewards and recognition, and supporting their professional development. CENTA® equally helps schools and systems attract, develop, grow and retain great teachers. This leads to a virtuous cycle where many more teachers are motivated to improve their competencies and aspiring teachers see this as a valid career option – therefore fundamentally improving the quality of education.

CENTA®, a Registered Certification Trademark, certifies teachers on their competencies through high-reliability well-benchmarked assessments, based on the widely accepted CENTA Standards framework.
CENTA certified teachers get various career opportunities; e.g.:
- Promotion, Salary hike
- Rewards, recognition, international exposure
- Jobs including international jobs in the Middle East, South East Asia, Africa, etc.

This leads to ‘pull’ for teacher training and improvement:
- Creating demand for training/tech products/service companies
- Teaching becomes aspirational as a profession and career
- Fundamental and sustained improvement in quality of education
A virtuous cycle!

Set up in 2014 and based in India, CENTA® is a Registered Certification Trademark in its home country and is rapidly getting increasing international recognition.

Over last six years, CENTA® has built MyCENTA- an online thriving and rapidly growing community of teachers.

CENTA® has developed a well-defined and globally benchmarked competency framework for teachers- CENTA® Standards.

Centre for Teacher Accreditation (CENTA) aims to empower teachers and catalyze teacher professional development through high quality certifications that can help create a career pathway for the profession and connect outstanding teachers to great opportunities. 
The CENTA Standards are a well-defined set of expectations for teachers at different stages of their careers, have been developed through a rigorous process and are meant to evolve continuously. 
The CENTA Standards correspond to the three levels of the CENTA Certificates:
a)	L1: New Teacher. Typically, relevant for teachers who are in the early stages of their career or are yet to begin their professional career.
b)	L2: Experienced Teacher. Typically, relevant for teachers with 3-10 years of experience, who are able to enrich their teaching based on their own experiences and other inputs.
c)	L3: Senior Teacher.  Typically, relevant for teachers with more than 10 years of experience; such teachers may often be in a position to assume the role of a specialist teacher in their chosen subject/grade level or a coach where they mentor other teachers or a leader in the School or beyond.

The CENTA Standards cover: (A) ‘Competencies’, and (B) ‘Mindsets’. 
The ‘Competencies’ section of the CENTA Standards covers three categories of competencies for Teachers:
a)	Technical Competencies: Competencies specific to teaching as a profession.
b)	Professional Competencies: Competencies relevant for effective interactions in a professional environment.
c)	Core Competencies: Fundamental competencies of an individual. 
Each category has multiple competencies, with each ‘competency’ having one or more ‘aspects’ associated with it. For each aspect, standards have been defined for each of L1, L2 and L3 through specific ‘descriptors’ highlighting the competency expectations from the teachers of the respective level.
The ‘Mindsets’ section of the CENTA Standards covers attitudes and beliefs.

The CENTA® Standards form the basis of CENTA® Certifications as well as CENTA® trainings. The various learning resources available in MyCENTA are also aligned with CENTA® Standards, to ensure teachers are able to focus on the competencies they want to focus upon in a structured manner.

CENTA Standards are the Intellectual Property of Centre for Teacher Accreditation (CENTA). Any individual or organization interested in teacher professional development can download and use its standards, as-is, for setting learning goals for teachers, self-reflection, and internal assessment, with appropriate referencing as the “CENTA Standards” .

Affiliated Products

As a registered Certification Trademark in education, CENTA® reviews and affiliates education products and services, including online teacher training modules, teacher workshops, tools and so on.

Affiliated products and services are made available and recommended on MyCENTA teachers’ community, and also form part of CENTA®’s institutional initiatives.
If you are interested in getting affiliated by CENTA® or to know more about the Affiliation program, do write to us at team@centa.org.

Recognitions & Government Support

CENTA® has received multiple national and international recognitions over the years for its contributions.

CENTA® features in the list of the top 60 social enterprises in Asia, published by the Development Bank of Singapore and the National University of Singapore – out of 1000+ enterprises from 27 countries. The DBS-NUS Social Venture Challenge Asia identifies ventures with the potential to generate positive, scalable and sustainable social impact in Asia.

CENTA® founder-CEO among 15 ‘Women Transforming India’ by NITI Aayog and UN, 2019, among 50 ‘Leaders reviving Indian education’ by Education World, 2020; recipient of Distinguished Alumni Awards from both IIT Delhi and IIM Calcutta

Member, Global Alliance on Teachers, 2016-17; alongside Harvard GSE, NIE Singapore, University of Finland and others.

“Chalk and Challenges”, a book co-authored by CENTA® TPO 2015 and TPO 2016 winners, with forewords from MHRD and NCTE leaders, was presented to all National Teacher Awardees, felicitated by Shri Venkaiah Naidu

Only contributor from India to ‘World Class’, published by Routledge Education, 2017

Knowledge Partner to NITI Aayog in India; 2017-18
CENTA® is a registered Certification Trademark
100+ media coverages of CENTA’s work

Several Indian States encourage their teachers to participate in CENTA Teaching Professionals’ Olympiad…

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…and many have rewarded, felicitated and incentivized their winning teachers

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K Sandhya Rani IPoS, announces CENTA TPO 2018 winners
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Esther Lal Ruatkimi IRS, announces CENTA TPO 2018 winners
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Our Founder-CEO

Ramya Venkataraman has held a deep interest in the education sector for a long time and is known for several pioneering initiatives in the sector. An alum of IIT Delhi and IIM Calcutta from the 1990s, prior to founding CENTA®, Ramya was with consulting firm McKinsey & Company for 15+ years. She built and headed the firm’s education practice in India in the last 5 years and worked in several other industry sectors and geographies – India, North America, Europe, Asia – in the first 10 years, a broader professional experience that she brings to her work in education.

Ramya has been recognized widely including as one of 15 ‘Women Transforming India’ by NITI Aayog and United Nations and as an Ashoka Fellow, the foremost global network of social entrepreneurs.

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