"Accredit" means "to recognize as outstanding". Centre for Teacher Accreditation (CENTA) aims to empower teachers and catalyze their professional development, through its CENTA Certification that will connect outstanding teachers and teacher candidates to great opportunities. The certification will be well-aligned with what schools and others look for. Through this, we hope to motivate teachers more broadly to take full ownership of their own professional development and therefore also catalyze demand for high quality teacher development. In the long term, we hope to contribute to teaching being a more "celebrated and preferred profession".

At the heart of it, based on the rigorously developed CENTA Standards, we offer an assessment leading to a certification for teachers that is intended to complement qualifications required by regulations. The CENTA Certificates are designed to be indicators of teacher quality, on parameters well-accepted by a range of schools of every kind, and taken voluntarily by teachers because of both the opportunities they open up and the detailed feedback they provide.

CENTA Certificates are designed to be very important to multiple groups such as Teachers, Schools and B.Ed/D.Ed colleges

Centre for Teacher Accreditation(CENTA) is a social enterprise that has been founded by people with deep backgrounds in education. With excellence as its core value, CENTA aims to focus on a broad spectrum of teachers, from reputed branded schools to low-income schools. Our methodology is highly scientific, research-backed and fact-based, supported by an advisory board of eminent leaders.

Our long-term vision is that with the increase in opportunities and recognition and with greater professionalism overall, a larger number of people with the appropriate skills, attitudes and passion embrace teaching and it becomes a more celebrated and preferred profession!