The Process

The First Version (Version 1.0) of the CENTA Standards, which was published in August 2015, was developed using a combination of top-down and bottom-up approaches, wherein CENTA conducted secondary research of various well-known standards across the globe, interviewed a large number of stakeholders in India and combined the same with its own experience and thought process, to do a bottom-up development of the Draft CENTA Standards. This was further fine-tuned based on the feedback received from 100+ stakeholders (teachers, principals, teacher educators, academics, other leaders in education and so on), leading to Version 1.0.

The current document is the Second Version (Version 2.0 – 2016) of the CENTA Standards, revised based on CENTA’s on-the-ground experience as well as the feedback from multiple stakeholders since the first version was published.

Going forward, the Standards will continue to be fine-tuned based on empirical data from the CENTA Certificates, feedback from stakeholders as well as on-going evolution in the educational landscape of the country leading to shift in expectations from teachers. This process of revision shall ensure that the Standards drive the acceptance of the CENTA certificates in schools of various kinds as a marker of high-quality teaching, by incorporating school management and school leadership inputs.

In case you would like to provide your inputs on the CENTA Standards, please write to us at Further inputs will be taken into consideration for our next Version.